Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ananda Vana

Today, November 1, 2007 marked the 'second anniversary' of Ananda Vana. In this connection, a Homa was conducted by the Mysore Brotherhood led by Mysore's 'Ganapathi' Master Ganesh and Smt. Shylaja in the sanctum of Sri Abhaya Anjaneya temple. Started at 9 AM with prayer followed by Homa and concluded by Theertha/Prasada viniyoga.

First stage of construction of 'vasati gruha' is in full swing. The first of the doorframes were placed as the Homa was in progress. The 2008 Mysore Gurupooja is scheduled to take place here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The World Teacher Trust, Mysore

PICTURES, LINKS AND INFORMATION ON VARIOUS ACTIVITIES: (Must visit this link to begin with) (Blog maintained by the Bangalore Brotherhood) (Master K.S.S. visits "Chandramouli") (Master K.S.S. at Rudrabhishekha at Mysore Trust Office) (Ananda Vana Guddali Pooja) [A very active web log from Switzerland] [Circle of Good Will Newsletters from Switzerland] (My blog connected with Homoeopathy, which is an important part of the activities, more pictures, links and information in various posts in this.)