Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Visit of two Swiss brothers

 It was the last day of 2012.  Messrs Ludger and Meinrad were visiting Mysore.  It was Ludger's second appearance in Mysore.  The first one was a 'pass-through' 25 years before.  Ludger and I were in touch after Simone and Ruth visited us some years ago. I had met him at Vizag for the first time and later at Engelberg at the 100th May Call.  He also writes a blog for Circle of Good Will.  I link the particular post which he wrote even during his tour.  Click here. 

It was a very pleasing time.  The eight hours slid through like wet soap that day.  He records the highlights in his blog. When he had asked for the programme earlier, it was agreed to follow the 'let us take it as it comes' route. On the way to our home he showed a keen interest in seeing a Sandal Tree.  So before reaching our house we gatecrashed at my friend Ramaswamy's house which is in the same locality.  There were lot of surprises for him as he could see some marvelous heritage artifacts and rare sandalwood carvings.  Of course, he was able to see 2-3 sandalwood trees that had survived thefts.  

They spent a leisurely time, discussing various things in the same hall where WTT's Homoeopathic lectures re held each Saturday.  Meinrad introduced us about his activities that kept him occupied in his 'retired' career.  Astrology is one of his interests, besides being a theatre actor in Switzerland.  I had forgotten the name 'Meinrad' when we had met in 2009 at Engelberg.  It was he who had accompanied us to various places, but I did not know it was him when Ludger informed about his travel companion. I was able to place this tall figure, now leaner, while picking up at the hotel. 

Ludger discusses about his paintings

Meinrad shows e-pictures of his place.

That day, our pond was flowerless, one of the few days during the year that happens. But he was able to see it at Ramaswamy's house.  Ours are plants that are from the same place.  The garden here is in a transition stage. So it was rather lifeless.  I had shared with Ludger many pictures when the garden was at its 'full glory'. I am sure he knows all about this 'transition' period. 

 The gardener after giving a herb from the garden, to Ludger [for his cold].

After tea we proceeded to Anandavana where it was just time for the evening prayer/meditation which was done.  The driver of their taxi, Nagendra is also seen in the centre.

From there, we went to the Trust Office, where Mr.Ganesh and family spent some time, also entertaining with their musical talents, before they retired to their hotel rooms that night. 

The 'Swiss twosome' was able to plan for the next part of their sojourn, from the next day which was the first of 2013 A.D.  Updates are recorded in that blog linked above. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

100th May Call Day, Switzerland

Year 2009 marked the 100th year of the "May Call" initiation. To celebrate, it was organized at Engelberg, Switzerland. There are plenty of pictures in these four albums. Switzerland is Switzerland! The last one is exclusively flora!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday feature at Anandavana

Please see a few photos taken in January 2010 on a Sunday morning during some of the activity.

This is a routine feature since a few months with good response from the nearby village children. The happiness on their faces is to be seen to be believed! The venue is Anandavana, Mysore.

Mysore Gurupoojas 2010 - some pictures

Please see the album containing pictures taken by our Sister Shakuntala.

That link covers most of the programme.

Here are my random shots in this link.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ananda Vana

Today, November 1, 2007 marked the 'second anniversary' of Ananda Vana. In this connection, a Homa was conducted by the Mysore Brotherhood led by Mysore's 'Ganapathi' Master Ganesh and Smt. Shylaja in the sanctum of Sri Abhaya Anjaneya temple. Started at 9 AM with prayer followed by Homa and concluded by Theertha/Prasada viniyoga.

First stage of construction of 'vasati gruha' is in full swing. The first of the doorframes were placed as the Homa was in progress. The 2008 Mysore Gurupooja is scheduled to take place here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The World Teacher Trust, Mysore


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